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For almost a decade, in addition to his day job, Ravi has been working to primarily do two things: launch and scale up non-profits to help those who are disadvantaged, and use civic technology to build products to increase digital literacy, access to information, and the use of data. Here are some selected projects:

  • Code for Nepal: In 2014, Ravi and his wife founded Code for Nepal, a non-profit that seeks to increase digital literacy and the use of open data in Nepal. Check out these products of Code for Nepal:

    • NepalMap: A web app that puts data about Nepal at your fingertips!
    • AskNepal: A web app that enables Nepalis to seek information from public authorities.
    • Digital Nepal: A conference to empower youth all over Nepal.
  • Digital response to earthquake in Nepal: When the 2015 earthquake hit Nepal, Ravi mobilized a digital response by working with volunteers around the world to connect relief providers and earthquake survivors. He also built one of the first district-level casualty maps based on the data from the Government of Nepal. Read more about it on the New York Times .
  • Bringing peace to protests: When Ravi visited his hometown in November 2015, he found a months-long protest that had paralyzed life in southern Nepal. To help opposing groups engage in a constructive and empathetic conversation, he organized a group to launch a viral campaign. Read more about it on NBC.
  • Grassroot Movement in Nepal (GMIN) : In 2009, Ravi co-founded Grassroot Movement in Nepal to rebuild primary schools in remote parts of Nepal. He helped build chapters of the non-profit in the UK, as well as a global donor base. More than 25 schools in Nepal have been rebuilt by the non-profit.